W. Christopher Martin - Where I Am

As with many people, my work consumes a large part of my life. I've started up my own computer consulting business, Catnap Consultants, so trying to solicit new clients is an ongoing task.

If you think you might be interested in hiring me, please feel free to have a look at my current resume. It is available upon request. Please specify desired format (text, HTML or Microsoft Word).

When I'm not working, my past-times include listening to music, going to movies, visiting bookstores and travelling around North America by car.

Spending time with friends is another source of enjoyment. Tuesday evenings will usually find me playing NTN Showdown Trivia at The Backstop in Richmond Hill. Friday lunchtimes are reserved for joining The LunchBunch on a tour of the various eating establishments around Markham.

Researching my family tree is occupying some of my time too. So far my genealogical research has led to long branches through the following families: Lindsay, Murphy and Gullen. I hope to have some of this information online soon.

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